Our Story Thus Far

Our story began in 1998 when a couple of us got our hands on a used Compaq DeskPro and started playing around with design, HTML code, and Flash animation over a screechy 56kbps dialup.

In 2000, we informally called ourselves the Design & Vision eXpert Group and started providing budget design services to a diverse group of clients in and around the low-income neighbourhood that we were based in. We bootstrapped the business, and although it was challenging, we had our first glimpse of how design and technology can help our clients tell powerful stories and we were hooked. In 2006, we expanded our operations and incorporated as Infinitom Solutions Inc., a WordPress design/development agency & a managed cloud IT shop focused on serving clients in the education, legal, entertainment, real estate, and non-profit sectors.

In 2014, we decided to transform ourselves again, this time into a global marketing communications agency and started up Konnect Communications. The agency is now led by a strong team of directors with a cumulative experience of over 50 years in strategy, brand, marketing and communications, advertising, event management, public relations, digital, social, analytics, design, print, and internet security and privacy, who head up regional operations in North America, South Asia, and the Middle East. Our journey has taken us from the world to Canada and back out into the world again.

Our best is yet to come, so join us for the ride.