Up Periscope

We are clearly in the era of mobile devices, mobile applications, and social media. In instances where organizations are able to successfully combine all three of these elements in an innovative way, there is a huge opportunity to change human behaviour. The most recent company to successfully accomplish this is Periscope, the latest emerging trend in the world of social media.

Like other similar platforms that came before it, Periscope gives users the ability to record and live stream videos online. However, Periscope is moving ahead of the pack and here are some reasons why.

  1. Take it on the go – Periscope’s greatest advantage is that it is mobile friendly in a mobile-first world. This directly translates to more frequent usage and the ability to constantly update content.
  2. Combined platform reach – Now that Periscope is owned by Twitter, users of the platform can stream live to their Periscope followers as well as Twitter followers. This combined reach gives way to a much larger pool of potential viewership.
  3. No delay – Unlike competing applications like Meerkat that also offers live streaming, Periscope offers the ability to view with no delay. In other words, videos are streamed in real-time.
  4. Instant feedback – Not only can viewers provide instant feedback by clicking Like and/or commenting on one’s video, the application itself provides feedback in the form of data. After a user has finished streaming a video, or a Periscope as they like to refer to it, the application will provide information on the number of viewers, time watched, retention, and more.

Social media experts are already considering Periscope to be a force to be reckoned with and a soon to be game changer in the way information is shared.

Although it is yet to be seen how impactful this platform will be for companies in marketing and branding, it has proven to be a cost effective medium that goes beyond just showing an advertisement. For instance, Adidas recently used Periscope to live stream James Rodriguez, a Real Madrid soccer star, sign a new deal with the brand. The company then embedded the video into its tweets in a move to include videos as a prominent part of their social media strategy.

On Periscope’s website, the company shares their vision and proudly declares that “a picture may be a worth a thousand words, but live video can take you someplace and show you around”.

Where do you want to take your customers?